Noel Gallagher

How To Play Half The World Away By Oasis On Acoustic Guitar

Half The World Away by Oasis as featured on TV show “The Royle Family”, great tune and not too difficult to play.

Learn Half The World Away by Oasis

This tutorial is by one of my go-to and favourite YouTube Guitar Tutors, Peter, at the georgiarose16 Channel. I really love the way Peter makes the songs easy to play and his tutorials are easy to follow. Plus he is also a big Oasis fan so who better to learn “Half The World Away” from, eh!


Half The World Away Lyrics

Now The Chief In Action

A good one to watch and follow along with Noel playing “Half The World Away”. From what I can see in the video not exactly the same chords as used by Peter above but very close. Between the two videos I have been able to get a passable version going for myself.