The Waterboys - Still from The Waterboys :: Spiddal Reunion by Myles O'Reilly

How To Play Fishermans Blues By The Waterboys On Acoustic Guitar

I was looking for something lively to play that I could get to grips with fast and remembered this tune from way back. I looked up Fishermans Blues By The Waterboys and yeah, 4 chords! (Chords – G F Am C)

I used 1 2 & 1 2 & 1 2 & 3 & 4 & strum pattern and it seemed pretty close. I had not used that strumming pattern before so was a bit tricky to sing and strum it at the same time initially but I got there fairly quickly. To vary it a bit I am hitting the higher strings on the end of the strum pattern and the low strings at the start plus I take off a finger off a chord occasionally to try and add something else to it.

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