Frank Black of The Pixies @ LIVE From the Heart!

Learn To Play Where Is My Mind By The Pixies on Acoustic Guitar

I have been a big fan of The Pixies since way back. Seen them many times and in more recent times I have really come to love the idea of a fat bald bloke, of my own vintage, still out there making a proper racket!

The Man Himself

By sheer chance, about 15 years ago, I bumped into the man himself in a Cambridge restaurant. It was early on a Sunday evening and I was dining with a rather attractive young lady. Frank was with a bag of dirty laundry having been on the hunt for a launderette earlier. As he said himself on the evening while looking at our respective partners, “Rock ‘n roll – not all its cracked up to be, eh!”. Anyway, he was nice enough to chat for a few minutes. I told him that one of the best gigs I had seen and remember fondly was of him when he played an unscheduled acoustic set at the Trip To Tip in 1991 in Semple Stadium, Thurles, County Tipperary, Ireland. After some band had finished I was looking for the burger van when I heard the unmistakeable voice of Black Francis from the stage, what a treat! Made the weekend. He told me he was driving around Ireland at the time on holidays with his brother. He came across the festival on his travels and just showed up on the day and was offered a slot on the bill. He came across as a really good bloke and I thank him for the music that has been the soundtrack to many good nights.

Four Chords & Capo on 4

This song can be played with four open chords with a capo on 4. Four chords, C Am E F, but performance is everything! I just love that satisfying change from Am to E in this song.


Great Video of Where Is My Mind Acoustic